High School English Teacher

Hyde Leadership Charter School
Sep 14, 2017
Oct 12, 2017
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Direct Employer
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Full Time
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Teaching at Hyde Leadership Charter School:

Hyde is built on the belief that every person has a unique potential and larger purpose in life, and character growth is key to exposing that potential and purpose. Hyde maintains a student-centered culture that motivates character development and emphasizes curiosity, courage, concern, integrity and leadership. Our goal is to prepare children for college and beyond, and to live their lives according to standards of personal excellence. We believe in order to provide the best possible education for our young leaders, we as educators need to be in a continuous growth process. Teaching at Hyde-Bronx is a unique and rewarding experience because our teachers receive both professional development and participate in their own self-discovery process through the Hyde process of journaling, facilitated discussion, workshops and seminars.

Teachers at Hyde Schools:

* Believe the purpose of education is both academic achievement AND character development

* Provide whatever is necessary to ensure ALL students are successful and are developing strong character

* Use data and assessments to inform and drive instruction

* Involve families in their students' education and in the Hyde process

* Value feedback and evaluation on teaching practices and set SMART goals

* Support and challenge colleagues and hold each other to his or her best

* Voice their thoughts, opinions, and embody an entrepreneurial spirit, taking on leadership in a multitude of ways

* Pursue their own self-discovery and growth

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

* Ensure high academic standards are set for and met by all students

* Collaborate with teachers in the English Department to provide rigorous, standards-based learning to students

* Execute rigorous, whole-group instruction based on individual needs of students

* Use student performance data derived from teacher-created and standardized assessments to drive instructional decision-making

* Maintain a log of lost, missing or damaged materials that need to be replaced each semester and send this report to the leadership team for review


* A Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university

* A Master's degree in Education or relevant content area (preferred)

* New York State Certification in Secondary English

* Demonstrated success working in an urban school setting

* Strong data tracking and analysis skills

* An ability to communicate and collaborate effectively with colleagues, families and students

* A belief that everyone is gifted with a unique potential

* A commitment to character development and family partnershipsSDL2017